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Actuarial Science can be compared to a Secret Weapon that gives Corporations, Financial Institutions and Funds The Winning Edge. But can Actuarial Science also Benefit You?

The SPORT Program was incepted with the aim of enabling average person to effectively utilize and benefit from our expert actuarial advice without the need to have large amounts of capital like institutions, corporations and family offices.

SPORT stands for:

  1. S: Systematic
  2. P: Profitable
  3. O: Opportunities
  4. R: Rational
  5. T: Transcendent

The SPORT program is a unique program that allows average layman to allocate their funds into various fields such as, FOREX trading, Commodities trading and Sport book wagers where our actuarial expertise can be applied to generate handsome returns. SPORT Program’s accuracy ranges from 78% to 96%.

This system combines Artificial intelligence (AI), Data Science, algorithms, Cutting-edge Software analytics, Blockchain and most importantly experienced, well-qualified professionals to generate attractive returns.

Professional Actuarial Team

  • Identify and quantify risks and opportunities
  • Come up with appropriate measures and strategies to mitigate risk and maximize profits
  • Assess performance and make decisions in accordance with market dynamics
  • Contingency planning for unforeseen events and losses

Blockchain Technology

  • Ensures the security, integrity and reliability of data due to blockchain’s distributed ledger which ensures that all data recorded is immutable.
  • This in turn ensures the security of funds and all trading decisions are carried out based on correct, accurate data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Autonomously analyze millions of data points and be able to react and respond in real-time
  • Effectively manage trades
  • Help in markets analysis, forecasting and projections with greater speed and accuracy

Indemnity Coverage

  • Our trades are covered against any possible losses and we will be indemnified in the case of losses.
  • Ensures that all outcomes and possible scenarios are covered and that our capital will remain safe and secure, even in the event of unforeseen events and outcomes.
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